Perfectly Fitted

Snugly fits a standard cot bed mattress suitable from birth to 4 years (70cm x 140cm).

Heat and Moisture Regulating

Naturally breathable, absorbent and more hygeinic.

Unbelievable Silky

Made from 100% Organic Eucalyptus Tencel with sateen weave makes it feel like sleeping on silk!

Soft on Sensitive Skin

Research shows tencel is better for eczema and sensitive skin.

 Sleep like a baby

Made from 100% organic eucalyptus, our super soft cot sheet is the perfect base for your bambino to rest their eyes. You can also sleep soundly knowing that this delicate yet durable material is gentle on your little one's fragile skin, including those who are prone to eczema. It is also breathable and helps to regulate baby's body temperature to further put your mind to rest.













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My story

Hi,  I'm Grace and I'm a first time Mother to our daughter Daisy, born in the middle of a global pandemic and expecting another precious little one in 2021!

I bought organic cotton sheets for my bambino too but due to her delicate skin and eczema we needed something better.

I've spent the last year working to create the PERFECT cot sheet after I discovered eucalyptus fabric.

The high tread count and sateen weave makes it feel like sleeping on silk but with the cosiness of cotton, your bambino will love them!

They're absorbent meaning those inevitable messy nights will be a little less messy for you.

Our eucalyptus fabric is 100% organic and so much better for the environment than cotton or bamboo so you're protecting your little one's future too.

With Love
Grace, Daisy and Bump.

 Give your little one the best night's sleep...

Why choose koala bambino's eucalyptus sheets?

I won't beat around the bush, Eucalyptus fabric is much more expensive than organic cotton but for good reason. It's softer, hypoallergenic, absorbent and much more eco-friendly than cotton or bamboo cot sheets.

Organic cotton takes a nasty toll on the environment due to the amount of water, chemical, land and energy required to make it. 

 Our eucalyptus uses less water, energy and no pesticides. It doesn’t contaminate the environment with harmful chemicals. Eucalyptus trees can grow on non-arable land and grow back quickly.

I decided the extra cost is so worth it for something that is better for your little one and the planet.

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