What to Dress Your Baby in at Night for a Quiet, Comfortable Night’s Sleep (for You Both!)



One of the first things we learn as new parents is how to read our baby’s non-verbal cues. We learn the sound of their cry when they’re hungry, tired, thirsty or unwell. We instinctively know when to feed, clean, burp and comfort them. But learning how to recognise how they respond to an uncomfortable temperature can be harder. 

Since your baby can’t yet tell you whether they’re too warm, too cold, itchy or uncomfortable in bed, it can be tricky to know how best to dress them for bed. You don’t want them to get too warm or too cold because that can hinder their sleep and throw them off for the whole night (and thus, your night too).

Read on to learn about how best to dress your baby so you can both get the best night’s sleep possible.

How can I tell if my baby is uncomfortable in bed?

Generally, the ideal temperature for your baby’s room is somewhere between 16°C and 20°C. If the room temperature drops or rises much higher than these temperatures, your little one will start to feel uncomfortable. 

You will know that your baby is too warm in bed if they:

  • Have damp or wet hair

  • Are hot or clammy to the touch (specifically on the stomach)

  • Have flushed cheeks

  • Are breathing rapidly

  • Have heat rash

  • Are distressed, and you can see no obvious explanation

Don’t use your baby’s hands or feet to check their temperature; babies have poor circulation in the early years, and their feet and hands are often cooler than the rest of the body. Instead, feel their stomach, back or nape of the neck. If you find they are too hot, you can open a window to circulate air and remove a layer if your baby is wearing multiple layers. 

You can use the same method to find out if your baby is too cold; touch them on the stomach, back and nape of the neck and see how they feel. Take into account your own temperature. Our bodies are better at warming us up than cooling us down, so keep that in mind.

What should my baby wear to bed?

When choosing the materials and clothing for your baby at bedtime, remember that babies heat up faster than adults, so it’ll be harder to bring down their body temperature if they overheat.

It’s a good idea to dress your little one in thin layers rather than one big layer with this point in mind. Remember that babies cannot self-regulate their body temperature the way adults can, so you essentially need to do it for them. 

When dressing your baby for bed, it’s generally best to add one extra layer for every layer you would wear to bed yourself. In a room around 16°C, you’ll want to dress your baby in a 3.5 tog swaddle, a long-sleeved onesie and long-sleeved pyjamas. In a room at 20°C, your little one will be most comfortable in their 2.5 tog swaddle, short-sleeved onesie and short-sleeved pyjamas. If your baby’s room reaches higher than 20°C, a 1.5 tog swaddle and short-sleeved pyjamas will be enough. 

Can my baby wear a swaddle cloth at night?

I prefer to only swaddle at nap times, when I can keep an eye on little one. 

Once your baby can roll onto their stomach, make sure you stop swaddling them since it can prevent them from rolling over, which has been associated with health risks.

What about the cot sheet?

So you've bought the best mattress, the best cot, so why not the best cot sheet? Our organic eucalyptus cot sheet has moisture wicking fibres which means it helps to regulate baby's temperature and keep them cool. It's also important to make sure that the sheet is silky soft for all that wriggling around they get up to, our cot sheet is recommended for sensitive and eczema prone skin, perfect for a babies delicate skin. Eczema prone baby's tend to have trouble sleeping through during a bad flare up so if you feel you have tried everything...try our cot sheet! 


What should I never do when dressing my baby at night?

In terms of extra layers, it’s never a good idea to dress your little one in socks and hats because they can make your baby overheat. When putting your baby down at night, ensure they are safe and that no other toys, blankets or pillows are in their crib. It’s also important to make sure that your baby’s cot mattress cover is the right size. If it’s too small, it might become unattached and cover your baby’s face, and if it’s too large, your little one risks becoming tangled in the material. 

At Koala Bambino, we understand how important nighttime is for you and your little one (and have plenty of first-hand experience!). Ensuring your little one is comfortable at night can be the key to getting a good night’s rest. That’s why we make all our swaddling clothes with organic eucalyptus; in fact, we’re the first in the UK to do so! We wanted to make baby bedding that came from sturdy and durable sustainable materials, so we chose eucalyptus.

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