Top 10 Best TV Shows for Baby's (That you'll love too)



Screen time for babies often has a bad reputation, but for many busy parents, allowing their children a little TV time can be a lifesaver when the laundry needs folding and the dinner needs cooking. When you choose the right content, there’s absolutely no reason to feel guilt for turning on a show to entertain your baby. Since we’re talking babies and not children, you’re going to need to be present too, so they’d better be great shows!

Below, you’ll find a list of our favourite TV programmes for babies that you’ll love too!

10 Best Baby Shows on TV

1.    Octonauts

Octonauts is available on Cbeebies and is a favourite with many parents, ranking them the No.1 preschool show in the UK. Each episode is a handy ten minutes long and follows three characters named Peso, Captain Barnacles, and Kwazii on underwater adventures. The three friends discover biological and behavioural facts about the creatures they encounter and work to protect the ocean and its inhabitants. The show’s key themes revolve around teamwork, compassion and empathy for other humans and animals.

2.    Hey Bear Baby Sensory

While technically not a TV show, this YouTube channel is one of our favourites on this list! These videos encourage visual tracking, eye coordination and focus in young babies. Because babies respond well to sharp, bright images, these videos keep their interest while helping them to retain information. The Hey Bear channel has something for every baby; some videos are high-energy, with upbeat music playing as fruits, vegetables, clouds and animals dance around the screen. Others are more relaxing, with warm colours and soothing music to help get your little one off to sleep. (The latter is a much-needed tool for when you just need them to go off to the land of nod!)

3.    Daniel’s Tiger Neighborhood

This programme focuses on teaching children soft skills such as empathy, patience, non-verbal communication and open-mindedness. Between the two 11-minute segments, Daniel’s Tiger Neighborhood uses “strategy songs” to reinforce emotional themes like anger, sadness, and disappointment to equip children with invaluable coping mechanisms when met with negativity.

One character, O the Owl, displays sensory sensitivities, preferring to read about things rather than experiencing them. This trait is often indicative of Autism. The introduction of the Autistic spectrum provides important insight into the minds of other children, not to mention representation for children of all types. You can find the show on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

4.    Timmy Time

This series was made by the creators of Shaun the Sheep and echoes its predecessor in its lack of dialogue. This show’s characters communicate through facial expressions, body movements and the occasional sound. This encourages children to read non-verbal cues and become more socially perceptive at a young age. The main theme within Timmy Time teaches children how to cope when things go wrong and looks at how we should pick ourselves back up when we fall. Timmy Time also teaches some maths and reading skills. It’s currently available on BBC iPlayer.

5.    Alphablocks

One of the first things our children learn is the alphabet, and this show makes it fun and engaging. This show works to develop children’s fundamental phonics skills based on the 26 letters as conscious characters. These letters come to life by interacting with each other and creating words in a playful and interesting way. While Alphablocks is ideal for all reading stages, it keeps babies’ attention well and teaches them basic sounds. 

6.    Sesame Street

While older kids will get the most from Sesame Street (ahem, you), it’s incredibly engaging for babies and children of all ages. This classic TV show has been successful since the early seventies for a reason! It teaches numbers and letters through engaging songs and encourages children to interact with the characters from home. For babies, the colorful characters and fun songs will keep them attentive from beginning to end.

7.    Super Simple Songs

We’re back to YouTube for Super Simple Songs – this YouTube series blends music videos with engaging preschool lessons that will help your little one learn nursery rhymes and work on their basic speaking skills, colours, counting, and letters.

8.    Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom 

This adorable little show is available on Netflix and features book-like illustrations telling the stories of fairies and elves in the Little Kingdom. They’ll love to watch the adventures Ben and Holly go on.

9.    Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig (oink!) has been around for long enough to be a staple for many British children and is entertaining and accessible for babies. You won’t find any wild adventures here, but it’s a great one to watch when you need a little quiet time. You can find it on Netflix.

10. Hey Duggee

Hey Duggee is another one you can find on Netflix and tells stories about Duggee the lovable brown dog who runs The Squirrel Club and teaches kids how to learn new skills for badges. The art style is simple and totally adorable, so it’s well worth showing to your little one.


While it can seem silly to show your little one shows they can’t quite grasp the storylines of yet, this time is crucial in their development, and they’ll benefit hugely from watching the adventures of the characters or learning to unwind before nap time or bed.

Bonus Baby Show – Moon & Me

This is Daisy’s favourite, it’s amazing watching her interact and helps her to remember it will be bedtime soon.