24 Uses of a Muslin Cloth




If you spend any time with new parents, the chance is that you’ll hear them singing the praises of muslin cloths. Muslin cloths are a staple for many parents, but they’re useful for more than just wiping up baby dribble, swaddling, and using as a burp cloth?

We’ve put together a list of 24 things you can do with your swaddling muslin cloths, just in case you didn’t know quite how versatile they are! But first, let’s take a look at what a muslin cloth is.

What is a baby muslin cloth? 

Before we become parents, we’re unlikely to know what a muslin cloth is. But once we have children of our own, they become so important to us that we can’t imagine a day where we don’t use them! When a little one enters our lives for the first time, comfort, ease and convenience are our top priorities. Any product that can make our lives a little easier is good in our books, and muslin cloths are one of those underestimated products. (If you’re a parent-to-be, make sure you have plenty in your arsenal!) But what is muslin cloth?

Muslin is a multi-purpose material used in dressmaking, baby clothing, furniture polishing, theater sets, and even medicine. Muslin is a healthy, organic fabric, which you can use around the home without spreading any chemical residue. Arguably one of the most important qualities of muslin is that it’s reusable and prevents the waste cycle from continuing.

Why are Muslin Cloths So Useful? 24 Awesome Uses

Because muslin cloths have so many different uses, let’s break their functions into two categories: at home and for your baby.

Uses for Baby Muslin Cloths at Home

  1. Save waste by using your muslin cloth to remove make-up or use it instead of cotton wool when you wash your face 

  2. Use them instead of kitchen roll to clean the kitchen and bathroom surfaces

  3. Use them to dry and polish dishes, crockery and cutlery

  4. Use them to clean your glasses

  5. Polish leather shoes with them

  6. Use muslin instead of a towel to dry your hair

  7. Cut it into small squares and use it to make your own reusable tea bags with loose leaf tea (if you ever have the time!)

  8. Dust wooden surfaces and furniture with it 

  9. Strain sauces, stocks and gravies when you’re cooking. You can also use it as a cheesecloth, or if you make your own plant milk with oats or nuts

  10. Wrap homemade baked goods your muslin cloth to keep them fresher for longer

  11. Cut it into small squares and make a bouquet garni for your herbs 

Best Uses of Baby Muslin Cloths For Your Baby

As if all the useful home functions of muslin cloths weren’t enough, they really shine when it comes to your baby! You can:

  1. Use your baby muslin cloth as a comforter if you forget to bring your baby’s usual blanket or if it needs to go in the wash
  2. Wear it around your neck to transfer your scent onto it, then lay it down underneath your baby when you put them to sleep for some extra comfort
  3. Swaddle with muslin to prevent your baby’s startle reflex when they’re sleeping
  4. Drape your muslin over your chest or shoulder when burping your baby
  5. Use it as a bib when you’re weaning your little one onto “real” food!
  6. Use muslin as an organic breastfeeding cover if you like a little privacy when breastfeeding
  7. If you’re out and need an impromptu changing mat, lay it down and pop your baby down on top
  8. Use it as a sunshade if you’re out walking, but make sure there’s plenty of airflow
  9. Use a clean muslin cloth to wash your baby at bathtime
  10. When your little one starts teething, dip the corners in water and freeze it overnight for a soothing solution for irritated gums
  11. Lay it down before you put out your baby’s toys so that at the end of the day, you can pick it all up in one go
  12. Use your baby muslin cloth as a hygienic and absorbent mattress protector between your baby’s mattress and their cot sheet
  13. Place it in your baby’s bouncer seat to catch dribbles or spills 

When it comes to choosing the right materials for your baby’s swaddling cloth, eucalyptus is a perfect choice. It’s breathable, absorbent and long-lasting, not to mention resilient to the everyday wear and tear of baby life. It also comes from a tree that requires no pesticides, very little water and maintenance, making it a sustainable choice, too! Compared to cotton and even bamboo, eucalyptus fares well on the sustainability front, so you can rest assured that your purchasing choices are ethical and environmentally responsible!

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